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Flip Glass Windshield With Wiper and Washer Kit

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Curved and laminated glass full windshield in metal frame. Provides excellent optical clarity. Seals firmly against the cage and protects rider and passenger from the elements while allowing for controlled airflow. Flip windshield can be set fully closed or fully open according to your preference. Ideal for muddy conditions. Gas-shock-assisted operation and pivots on 2 hinges located at the top of the windshield. Single-speed wiper with washer fluid dispenser. Requires Wiper and Power Cable: If equipped with the Sport Roof, Power Cables 710004462 & 715003094  are required. If equipped with the Audio Roof, Power Cables 715008781 & 715003094 are required. Not EC compliant.

Detailed Fits on Defender, Defender MAX