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Mercury - FourStroke 25hp

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FourStroke 25-30hp


Mercury 25 and 30hp FourStroke outboards make light work of your biggest adventures. Quick and compact. Reliable and durable. Efficient and easy to own. FourStroke outboards bring big capabilities to small vessels.


Sale Type
Electric Manual
Remote / Tiller
Engine Type
Inline 3
Trim System
6 position Power trim and tilt
Shaft Length
15" / 381 mm 20" / 508 mm
Gearcase Ratio
Full Throttle RPM
Displacement (CID/CC)
30.5 cu in (500cc)
Dry Weight *Lightest Model Available
132 lbs / 60.1 kg
engine details

FourStroke 25 EFI

Delivers consistent, easy starting, crisp throttle response, increased fuel economy, and outstanding overall performance. Great for aluminum tiller, aluminum console, jon, utility, and fish & ski boats.


Exceptionally Smooth and Quiet

We balanced the powerhead to make it smoother and crafted soft-rubber mounts that isolate vibration and direct it away. Whether you’re fishing in a quiet cove or having a conversation, you’ll enjoy every minute on the water.

Easy to Maintain

Spend less time on service and more time on the water with our no-spill oil change system, easy-change gear lube and lifetime maintenance-free valve train.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) provides surefire starts in any weather. On manual-start engines, battery-free EFI delivers efficient, reliable performance without a bulky cranking battery.

Advanced Mercury Tiller

Port side or starboard, you pick the mounting location, and the tiller adapts to you. Its reversible throttle grip can be configured for control with either hand, while lateral adjustments ensure a convenient steering angle.

Available Power Tilt and Trim

Easy to stow, easy to control. Power tilt and trim, available for 25 and 30hp FourStroke outboards, lets you adjust the running attitude with the push of a CTA. A major advantage for small vessels and heavy loads



Speed and Acceleration

FourStroke outboards are optimized for reliable performance and fun in all seasons. The 500cc, single-overhead cam design delivers the fastest speed and acceleration among 3-cylinder, 30hp outboards.

Lightweight & Compact

Pound for pound, these outboards are big performers. They’re among the lightest 3-cylinder outboards in their class.

Powerful Alternator

Even at low speeds, the alternator delivers powerful battery-charging output to keep onboard electronics humming. And there are no belts or bearings to maintain.



Power to Move More

 With efficient air intake, the powerhead generates impressive torque to move heavy loads with ease. And because the engine works less, it lasts longer, for years of reliable service.

Comfortable Setting:

 The tiller adjusts for left- or right-handed driving and features a down-angle stop that holds it at the right height for comfortable steering while seated or standing. Throttle friction can also be adjusted to help hold speed.

Remote or Tiller Controls: 

CConfigure your outboard to fit your boat and your needs, with remote controls for steering from the helm or a nearly 23-inch tiller that’s perfect for precision handling.

Custom-Matched Prop

A series of Black Max propellers, designed specifically for the 25 and 30hp FourStroke family and offered in 1-inch pitch increments, lets you choose the perfect prop to optimize performance with your boat.



SmartCraft. The Power To Do More.

SmartCraft®, now available for 25hp ProKicker™ outboards, is a full suite of digital technologies, fully integrated and totally coordinated. Gauges, sensors, vessel systems, computer-controlled features – one total package, one high level of control. Make your boating experience easier, safer and a lot more enjoyable.

VesselView Mobile®Mercury FourStroke 25hp

With the VesselView Mobile plug-and-play module, you’ll always know what’s happening under the cowling. It wirelessly connects your engine with a mobile app, making it easy to monitor performance data and track routine maintenance on a tablet or smartphone. VesselView Mobile is compatible with all SmartCraft-capable Mercury outboards (2004 and newer, 40hp and above; 2022 and newer, 25hp and above).

VesselView® LinkMercury FourStroke 25hp

VesselView Link integrates with compatible Lowrance® or Simrad® multi-function displays, putting Mercury engine information and SmartCraft® controls at your fingertips on the displays you use most while fishing. VesselView Link is compatible with all SmartCraft-capable Mercury outboards (2004 and newer, 40hp and above; 2022 and newer, 25hp and above).

SmartCraft® ConnectMercury FourStroke 25hp

Garmin® and Raymarine® users can tap into the VesselView user interface on their favorite multi-function displays with the SmartCraft Connect module. Track key engine data and monitor performance from the same display as the chartplotter and sonar. SmartCraft Connect is compatible with all SmartCraft-capable Mercury outboards (2004 and newer, 40hp and above; 2022 and newer, 25hp and above).

Troll ControlMercury FourStroke 25hp

Troll Control eases the critical task of precisely maintaining a targeted trolling speed by locking in the engine rpm. Once set, adjustments can be made in 10-rpm increments to counter changes in wind, direction or current. Troll Control is compatible with all current SmartCraft-capable Mercury outboards (2004 and newer, 40hp and above; 2022 and newer, 25hp and above).


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